Gerling Living – our strong segments for quality living:

Outdoor lounges

Lounge paradise – a special place to feel at home in!

We have given comfort a new dimension. These little corners of paradise are ideal for a cosy and relaxed sitting area. Solid wood, craftsmanship and the desire to live outside resulted in these outdoor lounges. A choice of two shades of wood and four thematic cushion sets for customisation exactly to suit personal taste and surroundings is available.

Flexible paper sofas

FlexibleLove – utmost flexibility from 13 cm up to 350 cm and even 720 cm

100 percent recyclable and incredibly robust: FlexibleLove surprises anyone that is allowed to have a seat on it especially considering, that the seat of this ecological designer sofa is made entirely of paper. Its honeycomb structure, inspired by nature, makes the sofa not only extremely sturdy, but also very flexible. How is that possible? You’ll find out on ...

Clever space-saving furniture

Urban Favourites – Clever furniture ideas with cult potential

Towns are a cultural melting pot and are where trends start. Therefore, Urban Favourites is the furniture series for everybody who loves the urban life. Under the label Urban Favourites the company Gerling Living  finds and develops pieces of furniture for people who enjoy modern design, ingenious functions and practical solutions.

Furniture mirrors personality. It reflects the owner and his life, every mark from usage shows… a life, a history, a personality! That’s why furniture shouldn’t just be a function, but should stylishly match the room and the person. This principle drives our search and marketing of furniture for the individual and friend of the extraordinary.